Z Gatmaitan

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A new procedure is introduced for the isolation of connective tissue fibers, called biomatrix, containing a significant portion of the extracellular matrix (basement membrane components and components of the ground substance). Biomatrix isolated from normal rat liver contains >90% of the tissue's collagens and all of the known collagen types, including(More)
Serum-free, hormonally defined media have been developed for optimal growth of a rat hepatoma cell line. The cells' hormonal requirements for growth are dramatically altered both qualitatively and quantitatively by whether they were plated onto tissue culture plastic or collagenous substrata. On collagenous substrata, the cells required insulin, glucagon,(More)
Physiological properties of isolated pairs of rat hepatocytes were examined within 5 h after dissociation. These cells become round when separated, but cell pairs still display membrane specializations. Most notably, canaliculi are often present at appositional membranes which are flanked by abundant gap and tight junctions. These cell pairs are strongly(More)
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