Z. Fu

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Malnutrition and cryptosporidiosis form a vicious cycle and lead to acute and long-term growth impairment in children from developing countries. Insights into mechanisms underlying the vicious cycle will help to design rational therapies to mitigate this infection. We tested the effect of short-term protein malnutrition on Cryptosporidium parvum infection(More)
In this paper, a Clonal Selection Algorithm for the Open Vehicle Routing Problem¿OVRP¿is presented, in which a new definition of antibodies’ affinity and algorithm of keeping antibodies’ diversity are introduced. Computational results on a set of benchmark problems are provided. Comparison with the best ones in literature shows that the(More)
The paper focuses on the impact of emission 'cap-and-trade' mechanism in a so-called emission-dependent supply chain with the emission permit supplier and the emission-dependent firm. In the cap-and-trade system, emission permit becomes one of key factors of production for emission-dependent firms. Two major sources of emission permits are(More)
We investigated arsenic (As) accumulation and distribution in four different tissues of maize, leaves, stems, bracts, and kernels. For these analyses, we used 122 elite inbred lines, which were grown in an As-contaminated area in China. The agricultural soil at the study site is highly As-contaminated (11.02 ± 0.95 mg As kg soil−1) because of excessive use(More)
Up to now, most of people are still cooking in the kitchen, which makes them feel fatigued and also makes air polluted. With the development of the numerical control technology, it becomes more and more urgent to apply the related technology to the automatic cooking field. In this paper, the cooking techniques for the Chinese dishes is introduced and an(More)
Compare with traditional way of numerical simulation by establishing the mathematical model through geometry optic, we design a TracePro model to analyze the sensing process of reflective intensity-modulated fiber optic sensor base on ray tracing. This type of sensor has advantages over other fiber optic sensor, including simple structure, flexible design,(More)