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The interleukin-9 receptor (IL-9R) consists of an α subunit and a γ(c) chain that are shared with other cytokine receptors, including interleukin-2 receptor (IL-2R), an important regulator of T cells. We previously showed that IL-2R is expressed in common clusters with major histocompatibility complex (MHC) glycoproteins in lipid rafts of human T lymphoma(More)
A number of cell functions, such as flagellar beating, swimming velocity, acrosome reaction, etc., are triggered by a Ca2+ influx across the cell membrane. For appropriate physiological functions, the motile human sperm maintains the intracellular free calcium concentration ([Ca2+]i) at a submicromolar level. The objective of this study was to determine the(More)
ErbB2-mediated transmembrane signaling is a key target of novel anticancer agents such as Herceptin. Our comparison of Herceptin resistant (JIMT-1, MKN-7) and sensitive (SKBR-3, N-87) cell lines demonstrates the importance of ErbB2 association patterns involving integrins and lipid rafts. Flow cytometric FRET and confocal microscopic measurements revealed(More)
The role of the expression patterns of proteins involved in oncogenesis can be understood after characterizing their multimolecular interactions. Conventional FRET methods permit the analysis of interaction between two molecular species at the most, which necessitates the introduction of new approaches for studying multicomponent signaling complexes. Flow(More)
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