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Simultaneous operations on different organs and cavities, including urgent and scheduled operations, always are associated with high risk of operative and postoperative periods. The case of simultaneous operation of aortocoronary shunt and panhysterectomy is presented in the paper. In the case of our patient despite the severe condition: occlusion of left(More)
One hundred and twenty two patients with mitral regurgitation grade 3-4 underwent surgery for mitral valve repair with annuloplasty ring. Patient age was 65+/-10 and 89 (73%) were male. Eighty-six (70%) were in NYHA class III-IV, 77 (63%) had reduced LV function, and mean MR grade (+/-SD) was 3,8+/-0,4. One hundred and thirteen operative survivors were(More)
Primary cardiac tumors are rare, with the incidence between 0.17% and 0.19% in unselected autopsy series.1,2 After myxoma, cardiac fibroma is the second most common type of benign primary cardiac tumor.1,3 Untreated, cardiac fibroma has a poor prognosis, with death occurring in up to 25% of patients, usually the result of sudden death from conduction(More)
Postoperative results of CABG operations, performed with CPB or on beating heart (OPCAB) has been summarized. 200 cases have been reviewed. The patients were divided into two groups, depending on the type of the procedure. Results showed, that in the group of patients operated on beating heart there were no such complications as mortality, reexploration,(More)
13 hearts with the above congenital disturbance are studied. The disturbance of the space orientation of the anterior and posterior interventricular septa is found. The aortal and pulmonary valves are found to be oriented at an angle to each other, and the route of the left coronary artery is changed. These features allow to suggest that the anomalous issue(More)
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