Z. D. Pigareva

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The serotonin content was estimated in bulk-separated neuronal and neuropil fractions of visual and motor brain cortex in normal, dark-reared and light-exposured rats. In normal rats, the serotonin content in neuropil in visual and motor cortex was equal to 182.66 +/- 21.19 and 164.10 +/- 27.70 ng/mg protein, respectively, and exceeded its content in(More)
A rate of endogenous respiration in mitochondria of rabbit brain visual system (visual cortex, forebrain) was higher under conditions of light deprivation (from birth up to 2.5 month) as compared with the mitochondria of control animals. The mitochondria of experimental rabbits were characterized by distinct alteration in oxidative phosphorylation of(More)
It has been shown that specif ic ant ibodies (against the mitochondria of the lever and kidney of a rat) are c a p ab le of modifying the ac t iv i ty of certain mi tochondr ia l enzymes of the rat 's l iver and kidney [6]. In this connection it was interesting to invest igate the act ion of an t i -bra in antibodies on the enzyme act iv i ty of the(More)
A statistically significant change in oxidative metabolism is observed in the tissues of the cerebral cortex and mesencephalic reticular formation of the cat following administration of stelazine (trifiuperaazine). Oxidative metabolism in the cortex is reduced in acute experiments by doses of stelazine of 1 and 20 mg/kg, but is practically unchanged in(More)
10 days old dogs were subjected to bilateral enucleation of eyeballs. When the dogs became 3 months old, content of free amino acids and total proteins was determined in tissue of brain formation of optic system (optic cortex-field 17, external knee body and front bigeminal bodies). locomotor and partietal regions of brain cortex and cerebellum. As compared(More)