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Light stimulation affected the monoamine oxidase activity in mitochondria of dog visual analyzer structures. The enzymatic activity was elevated as the mitochondrial fraction was increased in brain visual cortex (area 17) and in lateral geniculate body at the period from the 1 to the 21 day after birth. Light stimulation led to maximal increase in monoamine(More)
The serotonin content was estimated in bulk-separated neuronal and neuropil fractions of visual and motor brain cortex in normal, dark-reared and light-exposured rats. In normal rats, the serotonin content in neuropil in visual and motor cortex was equal to 182.66 +/- 21.19 and 164.10 +/- 27.70 ng/mg protein, respectively, and exceeded its content in(More)
Activity of GABA-transaminase was distinctly decreased as compared with controls in all the brain structures studied in animals growing under conditions of early visual deprivation. At the same time, alterations were developed in synthesis of glutamic and aspartic acids and in their ratio. Biosynthesis of glutamic acid was decreased 2-fold in parietal(More)
Early vision deprivation decreased in dogs (45-days age) the activity of glutamate decarboxylase in all the structures of brain visual analyzer studied as well as decreased the enzyme activation by exogenous pyridoxal-5-phosphate. With areing (in 90-days old dogs) the deprivation proved to be less effective in relation to decrease in the glutamate(More)
The authors used the interferometrical method to determine the content and concentration of the proteins in the neuron cytoplasma of the III and V layer in the motor and visual areas of the brain cortex in rabbits in normal conditions and prolonged light deprivation (from the moment of birth up to 2 1/2 months). These data were accompanied by measurements(More)
Changes of protein concentration and of different metabolic ferments activity were studied in the rabbit visual cortex after visual deprivation. Two groups of neurons with different sensitivity to visual deprivation were found. The less sensitive are supposed to have an additional source of activation. These findings corroborate the microelectrode data(More)
Changes in the functional state of the visual cortex were studied by behavioral and electrophysiological cues and the chemism of its neurones at the cellular and subcellular levels in rabbits raised for one to two months in the dark. It has been shown that visual deprivation leads to retarded dynamics of elaboration and consolidation of the conditioned(More)