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BACKGROUND Advances in personalized medicine require the identification of variables that predict differential response to treatments as well as the development and refinement of methods to transform predictive information into actionable recommendations. OBJECTIVE To illustrate and test a new method for integrating predictive information to aid in(More)
AIM To compare single-task and dual-task training on obstacle avoidance, gait speed and balance in healthy community-dwelling older adults. METHODS A total of 17 older adults (65-83 years) participated in a group circuit class, once weekly for 45 min for 4 weeks. The dual-task group carried out cognitive activities simultaneously with gait and balance(More)
Multivariate pattern analysis (MVPA) is a powerful tool for relating theories of cognitive function to the neural dynamics observed while people engage in cognitive tasks. Here, we use the Context Maintenance and Retrieval model of free recall (CMR; Polyn et al., 2009a) to interpret variability in the strength of task-specific patterns of distributed neural(More)
Delusions of schizophrenia have been found to be associated with alterations of some brain regions in structure and task-induced activation. However, the relationship between spontaneously occurring symptoms and spontaneous brain activity remains unclear. In the current study, 14 schizophrenic patients with delusions and 14 healthy controls underwent a(More)
The HZY compression scheme. We consider ()-HZY compression scheme with temporal ordering. Given an input string T = T1 : n] from a constant sized alphabet , the ()-HZY scheme compresses T as follows. T is partitioned into disjoint blocks (substrings) of size , T 1 : ] T + 1 : 2 ] : : :. For 1 k n==, the kth block T(k ; 1) + 1 : kk] is then replaced by its(More)
INTRODUCTION Although psychotherapies for depression produce equivalent outcomes, individual patients respond differently to different therapies. Predictors of outcome have been identified in the context of randomized trials, but this information has not been used to predict which treatment works best for the depressed individual. In this paper, we aim to(More)
  • Charles W. Calomiris, Jonathan Pritchett, +11 authors Mallorie Smith
  • 2013
We've borne enough insults from the Yankees. We'll keep our slaves with or without their approval. 'Twas the sovereign right of Georgia to secede from the Union. The South must assert herself by force of arms. (Gerald O'Hara) I'm saying very plainly that the Yankees are better equipped than we. They've got factories, shipyards, coalmines ... and a fleet to(More)
There is an error in the first sentence of the third paragraph within the Results section. The correct sentence is: Female gender, being actively employed, low anxiety scores, the presence of a personality disorder and a high quality of life all predicted lower depression symptoms after treatment, irrespective of the therapy received. There is an error in(More)
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