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Project management helps accomplish the common purpose of a project with defined requirements and desired quality. Teaching project management for graduate and undergraduate students requires combining optimal foundation in theory with maximal usability in practice, as well as project management tools support. Finding an optimal balance between theory and(More)
Poor or incomplete requirement specification as well as inadequate requirement management is one of the major reasons for project failure and an ongoing source of issues in business application development. These problems cause schedule and budget overruns as well as low level of quality in applications. This paper describes a process model for requirements(More)
Despite the various hardware and software improvements in Cloud architecture, there still exists the huge performance gap between the commodity supercomputers and Cloud when running HPC communication intensive applications. In order to find what is preventing them to better scale on Cloud, we evaluated HPL and NAMD benchmarks on HPE Openstack testbed, and(More)
The key to success in software development depends upon the used software processes. Developers should be early acquainted with the importance and software process models. While teaching software processes, student should be provided with the description of key practices, assessment approaches, the various life cycles and examples of industry proven(More)
The aim of this paper is to present the results of multidisciplinary cooperation of university scientists in the field of electronic engineering and computer science, education and rehabilitation science, psychology and graphic technology, focused on developing assistive technology for persons with complex communication needs. Based on the needs of(More)
The paper gives a brief overview of today's position and importance of the business modelling in the emerging technology environment. EFQM excellence model is pointed out as a framework for improvement initiatives within the company. An approach for presenting company's business goals through business balanced scorecard (BBC) and applying six sigma(More)
  • Z. Car
  • Proceedings of the 8th International Conference…
  • 2005
Project management (PM) is an emerging discipline in various industries, where project management methodologies attempt to offer a practical and structured approach to planning, controlling costs, resources and expectations to achieve envisioned business goals. The ICT industry is an extremely competitive environment where business success often depends on(More)
The development of telecommunications and other services makes it necessary for service providers to come up with new ideas to redefine and enhance their service in order to attract and keep customers. One of the ways of achieving this particular goal is to introduce value-added services that promote the core service. Taking into consideration the rapid(More)
In order to fulfill every project-specific requirement in software development today, and produce a software product with desired functionality and satisfactory quality attributes, adequate development and management processes ought to be designed, implemented, adopted, operated and/or improved. Mandatory requests on shorter time to market, staying within(More)