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We demonstrated monolithic integration of pseudo-spin-MOSFETs (PS-MOSFETs) using vendor-made MOSFETs fabricated in a low-cost multi-project wafer (MPW) product and lab-made magnetic tunnel junctions (MTJs) formed on the topmost passivation film of the MPW chip. The tunneling magnetoresistance (TMR) ratio of the fabricated MTJs strongly depended on the(More)
The design and performance of pseudo-spin-MOSFETs (PS-MOSFETs) using nano-CMOS devices were computationally investigated. The operations of a PS-MOSFET with current-induced magnetization switching were also experimentally demonstrated by the hybrid integration of a vendor-made MOSFET and our-developed spin-transfer-torque magnetic tunnel junction. The(More)
Electrical manipulation of magnetization switching, such as spin-transfer torque (STT) switching, electric-field-assistant magnetization switching, and spin-orbit torque (SOT) switching, has been attracting great attentions due to its applications in low-power-consumption spintronic devices, such as magnetoresistive random access memories (MRAMs) and(More)
Embedded clusters, which are embedded in bulk materials and different from the surroundings in structures, should be common in materials. This paper studies resonance of such clusters. This work is stimulated by a recent experimental observation that some localized clusters behavior like fluid at the mesoscopic scale in many solid materials [Science in(More)
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