Z. Baranyai

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Human hepatocytes are the gold standard for toxicological studies but they have several drawbacks, like scarce availability, high inter-individual variability, a short lifetime, which limits their applicability. The aim of our investigations was to determine, whether HepaRG cells could replace human hepatocytes in uptake experiments for toxicity studies.(More)
In the past few decades an enormous amount of data became known to clarify the molecular composition and architecture of tight junctions (TJs). Despite the efforts, the expression and function of several TJ genes and proteins in breast carcinoma are still not known and some of the data are contradictory. The expression of forty-four TJ associated genes was(More)
Although Meckel's diverticulum is the most common congenital gastrointestinal disorder, it is controversial whether asymptomatic diverticula in adults should be respected. The authors report the case of a patient who was operated due to ileus caused by adhesions and a Meckel's diverticulum without any sign of inflammation was accidentally noted and removed.(More)
BACKGROUND Phosphatase and tensin homolog deleted in chromosome 10 (PTEN) loss of function is frequently detected in advanced colorectal cancer. Its detection is thought to have prognostic significance and it is being considered to predict responsiveness to anti-EGFR therapy. Unfortunately, while immunohistochemical assessment of PTEN expression is(More)
BACKGROUND The ATP-Binding Cassette (ABC)-transporter MultiDrug Resistance Protein 1 (MDR1) and Multidrug Resistance Related Protein 1 (MRP1) are expressed on the surface of enterocytes, which has led to the belief that these high capacity transporters are responsible for modulating chemosensitvity of colorectal cancer. Several immunohistochemistry and(More)
There is increasing evidence that thrombocytosis is associated with tumor invasion and metastasis formation. It was shown in several solid tumor types that thrombocytosis prognosticates cancer progression. The aim of this study was to evaluate preoperative thrombocytosis as a potential prognostic biomarker in isolated metastases, in patients with liver(More)
With less than 40 cases reported, primary leiomyosarcoma is an extremely rare form of breast cancer (less than 0.0006% of cases) with unpredictable biological behavior that usually presents as a slow growing, mobile mass in middle age women. Most cases are low-grade and are cured by complete excision with wide margins. After surgical resection, late local(More)
Changes in the permeability of pial-arachnoideal microvessels [30-210 microns), of the blood-brain barrier (BBB), were intravitally studied by fluorescent microscopy and compared to the hypoxanthine (HX) level of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) in newborn piglets (n = 24) using the open cranial window technique. Eight animals served as controls (Group 1), the(More)
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