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The study was carried out to assess the possible involvement of excess AVP and free water retention in the development of late hyponatremia by comparing the postnatal course of plasma AVP and urinary excretion of AVP and sodium as well as creatinine, osmolar and free water clearances in premature infants with (group S) and without (group NS) NaCl(More)
Human hepatocytes are the gold standard for toxicological studies but they have several drawbacks, like scarce availability, high inter-individual variability, a short lifetime, which limits their applicability. The aim of our investigations was to determine, whether HepaRG cells could replace human hepatocytes in uptake experiments for toxicity studies.(More)
Negative ion desorption electrospray ionization (DESI) was used for the analysis of an ex vivo tissue sample set comprising primary colorectal adenocarcinoma samples and colorectal adenocarcinoma liver metastasis samples. Frozen sections (12 μm thick) were analyzed by means of DESI imaging mass spectrometry (IMS) with spatial resolution of 100 μm using a(More)
The study was undertaken to assess the influence of thyroxine given to improve respiratory adaptation in asphyxiated neonates on the recovery of compromised renal functions. Two groups of infants with perinatal asphyxia were selected for the study. Group I consisted of 8 infants treated conventionally, while Group II included 7 infants who in addition to(More)
The elevated expression of claudins (CLDN) and E-cadherin (CDH-1) was found to correlate with poor prognostic features. Our aim was to perform a comprehensive analysis to assess their potential to predict prognosis in breast cancer. The expression of CLDN-1, -3-5, -7, -8, -10, -15, -18, and E-cadherin at the mRNA level was evaluated in correlation with(More)
Although trastuzumab is an efficient drug, primary and acquired resistance is a challenging problem. The authors have previously shown in mouse xenograft experiments that masking ErbB2 by hyaluronan leads to diminished binding of the antibody and consequent resistance. In the current work, they correlated trastuzumab binding with the pericellular density of(More)
In the past few decades an enormous amount of data became known to clarify the molecular composition and architecture of tight junctions (TJs). Despite the efforts, the expression and function of several TJ genes and proteins in breast carcinoma are still not known and some of the data are contradictory. The expression of forty-four TJ associated genes was(More)
An unusual case of acute abdomen was caused by the inflammation of ectopic pancreatic tissue in a Meckel's diverticulum. A 49-year-old man presented with acute abdominal pain, and the clinical diagnosis of acute appendicitis was established. During laparotomy, a normal appendix of unusual localization near the gallbladder and a Meckel's diverticulum with an(More)
Production of histamine in colon tumours has been described earlier. Histamine-mediated signals have been shown to be implicated in tumour growth, and the effects of histamine are largely determined locally by the histamine receptor expression pattern. We analysed histamine receptor expression in human colorectal cancer, adenoma and normal mucosa by(More)
Let G, = (X, , E,) and G, = (X,, E,) be two simple graphs. Their Cartesian product is the graph which has the cartesian product X, x X, as the vertex set, and vertices (x,, x2) and (y, ,y2) are joined if ((xl, y,) E E, and x2 = y2) or (x1 = y, and (x2, yZ) E E,). The lexicographic product G, @ G, has the same vertex-set and the vertices (x,, x2) and (y,,(More)