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a r t i c l e i n f o Keywords: Loose agglomerates Breakage Discrete element method Fine particles This paper presents a numerical study of the breakage of loose agglomerates based on the discrete element method. Agglomerates of fine mannitol particles were impacted with a target wall at different velocities and angles. It was observed that the agglomerates(More)
Keywords: Powder dispersion Impact angle Agglomerates Computational fluid dynamics Discrete element method a b s t r a c t This paper numerically investigated the mechanisms of powder de-agglomeration on mechanical impaction, aiming to explain the experimental observations in our previous study (Adi et al., 2010). A numerical model based on a coupled(More)
Cd(OH) 2 nanobelts have been synthesized in high yield by a convenient polyol method for the first time. XRD, XPS, FESEM, and TEM were used to characterize the product, which revealed that the product consisted of belt-like crystals about 40 nm in thickness and length up to several hundreds of micrometers. Studies found that the viscosity of the solvent has(More)
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