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At total of 15 subjects taken ill with food poisoining caused by parahaemolytic and NAG vibrios after eating boiled pork sausage and boiled veal stomach were examined. The meat products were secondarily contamined in the sausage factory due to the use od non-disinfected lake water which was found to be a natural medium of the vibrios. When the use of this(More)
In vitro experiments were carried put to test the effect of beta-glucuronidase, ensaprost-phi, and carbocholin-proserin on a total of 725 samples of deeply-frozen bull semen in 8 nutrient media. Studied were the motility, thermal resistance, and oxygen consumption of spermatozoa. The first two indices showed highest values with the use of medium No 2(More)
250 persons (117 men and 73 women) with past myocardial infarction, between 19 and 65 years of age, were examined for the secreting quality (or nonsecreting) of ABO(H) antigens in the saliva. The secreting persons were additionally examined for the antigens titer. 38.40% of the persons examined were found to be nonsecreting which is twice as many than are(More)
Studied were the protective qualities of lipovitellinine with regard to spermatozoa at cryoconservation. It was found that following centrifugation at 2000 G of the GH22L diluent for 20 min the electrophoretic investigations on Cellogel revealed a strong drop of lipovitellinine from 25.33 +/- 4.21 to 2.33 +/- 0.24 per cent. With the Nagaze-Niva diluent the(More)
The changes in the values of viscosity and pH of some diluents in centrifugation and heat treatment and their protective qualities on bull semen at cryoconservation were followed up. It was found that following centrifugation of the gamma X22 pi diluent at 2,000 G for 20 min viscosity considerably dropped (from 2.240 +/- 0.1170 to 1.234 +/- 0.1153(More)
The study of bull semen revealed that the activity of alkaline phosphatase in the semen plasma and spermatozoa did not change, however, upon incubation at 39 degrees C for at least 5 hours the activity of the enzyme dropped nearly 10 times. The activity of GOT in both plasma and spermatozoa rose after deep freezing, but the difference recorded were(More)
Studied was the effect of beta-glucuronidase, hydrocortisone, and mercaptoethanol in bull semen on the activity of the alkaline phosphatase and the viability and fertilizing capacity of spermatozoa. It was found that the beta-glucuronidase enzyme in conc. of 270 UI per cu. cm of semen enhanced the activity of one of the forms of AP in agar electrophoresis(More)