Z A Chkhaidze

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The shortage of organ donors along with the increased number of waiting recipients have created the need for new strategies to expand the organ pool from donations after brain death. Organ procurement from brain-dead deceased donors is a complex task. Multiple, complicated operations are performed simultaneously. Very often, this involves numerous(More)
The functioning of the rolling pump in the system of artificial blood circulation is associated with a number of complications. For avoiding these complications, virtually new perfusion system is developed, in which the functions of a blood reservoir and a pump are united in hermetic cardiotomy reservoirs. The technical aspects of connecting this system to(More)
Using a new heart-lung machine developed at our Institute, experiments were conducted on dogs, donkeys, and monkeys, providing complete and assisted artificial circulation, assisted oxygenation, and perfusion preservation of the heart. The new apparatus consists of two sequentially mounted artificial ventricles working in an antiphase mode; blood(More)
The goal of the investigation was studying Georgian medicinal manuscripts of X-XVIII centuries in order to find out ideas of ancient authors regarding peculiarities of healthy lifestyle from the moment of birth till the elderly age. Results of analysis of Georgian medieval medicinal manuscripts allow us to conclude, that Caucasian longevity is determined(More)
The main goal of research was to study potential of Plaferon LB for cardiac preconditioning during experimental ischemia/reperfusion injury in rabbits. 30 rabbits (2.5-3.0 kg) were used in experiment. They were divided in 3 groups and 6 subgroups (n=5). In I group experimental design of m/i was performed by proximal ligation of left coronary artery (LCA)(More)
The impact of denervation and delymphatization (DD) on liver tissue remains a topic of major interest in liver transplantation, as the organ or its part continues to function well. Various chemical and/or surgical interventions have been developed to achieve in situ liver denervation and delymphatization, but it is evident that DD can be achieved only(More)
A traditional bypass pattern applied in hepatectomy (venous return in superior vena cava system) is frequently attended by blood congestion in cranial veins. The study objective is the maintenance of hemodynamic indices in normal physiological ranges via application of the new bypass scheme in the experimental model of the anhepatic period. 12 rabbits of(More)