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Fluorescence-activated cell sorting (FACS) applying flow cytometry to separate cells on a molecular basis is a widespread method. We demonstrate that both fluorescent and unlabeled live cells in a Petri dish observed with a microscope can be automatically recognized by computer vision and picked up by a computer-controlled micropipette. This method can be(More)
The positron emission tomography (PET) imaging technique enables the measurement of receptor distribution or neurotransmitter release in the living brain and the changes of the distribution with time and thus allows quantification of binding sites as well as the affinity of a radioligand. However, quantification of receptor binding studies obtained with PET(More)
Institute of Experimental Medicine of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Szigony u. 43, Budapest, H-1083 Hungary, Department of Nanophysics, Italian Institute of Technology Via Morego 30, 16163 GENOA, Italy, Furukawa Electric Institute of Technology, Vasgolyó u. 2-4, Budapest, H-1158 Hungary, CellSorter Company for Innovations, Erdőalja út 174, Budapest,(More)
As an important driver element, the pneumatic artificial muscle (PAM) is widely used in industrial applications for many automation purposes thanks to their variety of advantages. The design of a stable robust position controller for PAM is difficult since it is a very nonlinear time-variant controlled plant because of the compressibility of air, air mass(More)
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