Yvonne Woolwine-Cunningham

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Tryptophan was substituted for residues in all four transmembrane domains of connexin32. Function was assayed using dual cell two-electrode voltage clamp after expression in Xenopus oocytes. Tryptophan substitution was poorly tolerated in all domains, with the greatest impact in TM1 and TM4. For instance, in TM1, 15 substitutions were made, six abolished(More)
AIM Determination of paritaprevir and ritonavir in rat liver tissue samples. RESULTS We successfully validated a UPLC-MS/MS method to measure paritaprevir and ritonavir in rat liver using deuterated internal standards (d8-paritapervir and d6-ritonavir). The method is linear from 20 to 20,000 and 5 to 10,000 pg on column for paritaprevir and ritonavir,(More)
The liver is crucial to pharmacology, yet substantial knowledge gaps exist in the understanding of its basic pharmacologic processes. An improved understanding for humans requires reliable and reproducible liver sampling methods. We compared liver concentrations of paritaprevir and ritonavir in rats by using samples collected by fine-needle aspiration(More)
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