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This paper reports a new method for expressing numerically asymmetry of the contour of the back in a forward-bending position. Information is given at three spinal levels (T8, T12 and L3) for 636 schoolchildren aged 8 to 15 years. Rib-hump and lumbar-hump scores were standardised to create trunk asymmetry scores (TASs) making comparison possible between(More)
In this report we use both whole cell and perforated patch clamp recording techniques to characterize calcium and potassium channels in Y-1 adrenocortical cells in order to assess their responsiveness to ACTH. Both transient and long-lasting components of an inward calcium current were identified which were similar to T and L-type Ca2+ currents. With Ba2+(More)
Privacy and security are key concerns in the implementation of Liberty Alliance specifications and deployment of Liberty-enabled technologies and business models. As such, the Liberty Alliance has and will continue to provide tools and guidance to implementing companies that enable them to build more secure, privacy-friendly identity-based services that can(More)
The theory of planned behavior (TPB) is a useful model for understanding social-cognitive determinants (i.e. attitude, perceived norms, and perceived behavioral control) of sexual risk reduction among adolescents. However, research using the TPB has emphasized main effects and has not considered the possibility of moderated associations. In addition to(More)
BACKGROUND It is commonly accepted that burns taking longer than 3 weeks to heal have a much higher rate of hypertrophic scarring than those which heal more quickly. However, some of our patients develop hypertrophic scars despite healing within this 3-week period. METHODS We performed a prospective study of 383 paediatric burns treated non-operatively at(More)
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