Yvonne Wagner

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We performed a comprehensive approach to determine the proteome of Saccharomyces cerevisiae mitochondria. The proteins of highly pure yeast mitochondria were separated by several independent methods and analyzed by tandem MS. From >20 million MS spectra, 750 different proteins were identified, indicating an involvement of mitochondria in numerous cellular(More)
During the last decade, protein analysis and proteomics have been established as new tools for understanding various biological problems. As the identification of proteins after classical separation techniques, such as two-dimensional gel electrophoresis, have become standard methods, new challenges arise in the field of proteomics. The development of(More)
BACKGROUND Endovascular occlusion balloon catheters can be placed preoperatively in internal iliac vessels of patients perceived to be at risk of major obstetric haemorrhage during caesarean section. Their safety and efficacy remains undefined, and we report our experience of 14 patients over four years. METHODS We undertook a chart review of all patients(More)
Porphyromonas gingivalis and Prevotella intermedia are obligate anaerobe gram-negative periodontopathogenic bacteria. Free-living amoebae, such as Acanthamoeba spp., are well known as environmental hosts of several human pathogens, such as Franciscella tularensis, Chlamydia pneumoniae, Legionella pneumophila and Mycobacteria spp. This study tested the(More)
The analysis of macromolecular protein complexes is an important factor in understanding most cellular processes, e.g., protein transport into cell organells, signal transduction via biological membranes, apoptosis, energy metabolism, directed motion of cells, and cell division. These complexes are not only built of various numbers of different proteins but(More)
The aim of this prospective birth cohort study was to evaluate the effect of the interdisciplinary preventive programme (PP) for early childhood caries in 3-year-old children in Germany. From July 2009 to October 2010, all parents of newborns (n = 1162) were visited after birth by the communal newborn visiting service of Jena, Thuringia, and advised on(More)
Die morphologische Diagnose odontogener Zysten basiert auf der Beschaffenheit des Epithels und ihrer möglichen Genese. Die pathohistologische Klassifikation erfolgte anhand der WHO-Einteilung. Es sollte geklärt werden, ob es möglich ist, Kieferzysten durch Anwendung von Zusatzverfahren präziser zu klassifizieren, als dies allein aufgrund von konventionell(More)
Cardiovascular and respiratory effects of pediatric preanesthetic premedication have received only minimal attention, probably because most children tolerate such drugs without apparent ill effect. In children with congenital heart disease or other serious illness, there is often reluctance to use premedication. We sought to determine whether different(More)
Anorectal manometry was performed on 12 normal children and 18 patients suffering from constipation and soiling. In both groups, the results of the rectoanal inhibitory reflex and the squeezing anal pressure were similar. The pressure recording in all the normal children showed that the anal canal relaxed during defecation. Fourteen (78%) constipated(More)