Yvonne Stelzig

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INTRODUCTION Single-sided deafness has a strong impact on quality of life. Besides the difficulties in sound localization, patients also require increased effort to hear. The latter makes it difficult to follow conversations for an extended period, leading to social isolation. Cochlear implantation (CI) represents a possible treatment option for deafness in(More)
A study was conducted to compare the new MED-EL TEMPO+ ear-level speech processor with the CIS PRO+ body-worn processor in the COMBI 40/COMBI 40+ implant system. Speech tests were performed in 46 experienced subjects in two test sessions approximately 4 weeks apart. Subjects were switched over from the CIS PRO+ to the TEMPO+ in the first session and used(More)
INTRODUCTION Cochlear implants known to provide support in individuals with bilateral hearing loss may also be of great benefit for individuals with unilateral hearing loss. This case report demonstrates the positive effects of cochlear implantation on speech understanding in noise conditions in patients with unilateral hearing loss and normal hearing on(More)
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