Yvonne P Grzymbowski

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Among metazoans, retention of functional diet-derived chloroplasts (kleptoplasty) is known only from the sea slug taxon Sacoglossa (Gastropoda: Opisthobranchia). Intracellular maintenance of plastids in the slug's digestive epithelium has long attracted interest given its implications for understanding the evolution of endosymbiosis. However, photosynthetic(More)
A new sacoglossan species, belonging to the genus Ercolania Trinchese, 1872 is described. E. kencolesi sp. nov. has a similar biology as E. endophytophaga Jensen, 1999. Both are living within syncytial algal tubes of members of the Siphonocladales, E. kencolesi sp. nov. in Boergesenia forbesii and E. endophytophaga in Struvea plumosa. Assignment to the(More)
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