Yvonne Nyathi

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Rpn13 is an intrinsic ubiquitin receptor of the 26S proteasome regulatory subunit that facilitates substrate capture prior to degradation. Here we show that the C-terminal region of Rpn13 binds to the tetratricopeptide repeat (TPR) domain of SGTA, a cytosolic factor implicated in the quality control of mislocalised membrane proteins (MLPs). The(More)
Constrained binding peptides (peptide aptamers) may serve as tools to explore protein conformations and disrupt protein-protein interactions. The quality of the protein scaffold, by which the binding peptide is constrained and presented, is of crucial importance. SQT (Stefin A Quadruple Mutant-Tracy) is our most recent development in the Stefin A-derived(More)
The fate of secretory and membrane proteins that mislocalize to the cytosol is decided by a collaboration between cochaperone SGTA (small, glutamine-rich, tetratricopeptide repeat protein alpha) and the BAG6 complex, whose operation relies on multiple transient and subtly discriminated interactions with diverse binding partners. These include chaperones,(More)
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