Yvonne Lam Ying Hung

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OBJECTIVE Unmet need for health care is a critical indicator of access problems. Among children, unmet need for care has special significance inasmuch as the failure to obtain treatment can affect health status and functioning in the near- and long-term. The purpose of this study was to present current prevalence estimates and descriptive characteristics of(More)
  • Y H Huang, Y Y Hung, X Y He, L Liu, Hong Kong
  • 2008
In the field of experimental mechanics, there exist some circumstances when only data at the boundary can be obtained while the internal data are unavailable, or when some data are missed due to shadow, illumination saturation and other reasons. Thus it would be helpful if a reasonable estimation of the unavailable or missed data can be obtained. In this(More)
Digital shearograohy has demonstrated great potential in revealing defects in objects especially in detecting delaminations in composite materials. It is gaining more and more acceptance by automotive and aerospace industries in the field of nondestructive testing (NDT) of composite materials. A key optical component used in shearography is a shearing(More)
We demonstrate a novel technique for performing aberration-corrected surface metrology within existing wavefront-feedback systems. Our technique uses several phase measurements to calculate phase differences that directly reveal the surface gradients of an object under test, due to orthogonal displacements of that object between measurements. We then apply(More)
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