Yvonne H.S. Ho

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Microgrid systems, electric vehicles and portable devices need batteries as storage devices and power sources. Therefore, battery management system (BMS) is critical for maintaining optimum battery performance. In this paper, a BMS designed for a battery system of a small microgrid system in Taiwan is described. To validiate the concept, a scale-down(More)
We consider inference procedures, conditional on an observed ancillary statistic, for regression coefficients under a linear regression setup where the unknown error distribution is specified nonparametrically. We establish conditional asymptotic normality of the regression coefficient estimators under regularity conditions, and formally justify the(More)
State of Charge (SoC) estimation is one of the most important parts of Battery Management System (BMS). Inaccurate estimation of SoC may cause overcharge or overdischarge which could lead permanent damage to battery cells. Neural Network (NN) models can yield quite accurate SoC estimation. However, the computation effort is also quite huge and it takes long(More)
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