Yvonne Fischer

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The objective of maritime surveillance is to reach a level of situation awareness which allows the timely detection and prevention of events threatening maritime security and environment. Due to the heterogeneous mix of platforms and sensor technologies in use today, there is a need for powerful sensor data fusion architectures. This article introduces an(More)
In surveillance systems, the situation awareness of decision makers is often a crucial point in making appropriate decisions. For supporting the situation assessment process, modules performing an automatic interpretation of the observed environment can be used. However, there is still a need for an optimal solution for the definition of such modules. In(More)
Pervasive Environments (PE) collect and process a massive amount of person-related and sensitive information. Data collected by a single sensor is in most cases not adequate to provide premium services. Information gathered must rather be combined to offer real benefits. The fused data must be secured by access controls to ensure privacy of the users and(More)
Anomaly detection supports human decision makers in their surveillance tasks to ensure security. To gain the trust of the operator, it is important to develop a robust system, which gives the operator enough insight to take a rational choice about future steps. In this work, the maritime domain is investigated. Here, anomalies occur in trajectory data.(More)
In contemporary medicine, diagnostic processes provided by Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPGs) play a key role. A CPG provides recommendations that open up a scope of actions for the medical practitioner. But there is a gap between theoretical knowledge and practical solutions. Furthermore, barriers of implementation can arise. Taking these challenges into(More)
To provide assistance functions in context of surgical interventions, the use of medical workflows plays an important role. Workflow models can be used to assess the progress of an on-going surgery, enabling tailored (i.e., context sensitive) support for the medical practitioner. Subsequently, this provides opportunities to prevent malpractices, to enhance(More)
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