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Psychometric and clinical correlates of the Eating Attitudes Test (EAT) are described for a large sample of female anorexia nervosa (N = 160) and female comparison (N = 140) subjects. An abbreviated 26-item version of the EAT (EAT-26) is proposed, based on a factor analysis of the original scale (EAT-40). The EAT-26 is highly correlated with the EAT-40 (r =(More)
This study examines a practice which is characteristic of an era of intensifying globalization: As part of a transnational lifestyle, an increasing number of immigrants to North America send infants thousands of miles back to their country of origin to be raised by members of their extended families-a culturally sanctioned tradition. After several years of(More)
Climate change will impose new constraints on the distribution of species through desertification. Small-scale endemists common in biodiversity hotspots such as Madagascar are especially threatened. Among them are the gray-brown mouse lemurs (Microcebus griseorufus), which occupy the driest habitats in Madagascar of all Microcebus spp. We studied impacts of(More)
The study aims to examine the prevalence and characteristics of adolescent mothers throughout the provinces of Canada. The analysis was based on the Maternity Experience Survey targeting women aged ≥15 years who had singleton live births during 2005/2006 in the Canadian provinces and territories. The main dependent variable in this study was the mother’s(More)
Italy has experienced a recent surge in immigration, which has led to an increase in the country’s birth rate. Many immigrant mothers are adolescent parents. 30 adolescent mothers (17 recent immigrants and 13 adolescents of Italian descent) completed measures of adolescent self-development and motherhood, perceived availability and satisfaction with social(More)
This study examined the links between parental divorce, quality of maternal parenting, spousal relationships and middle adolescent romantic competence in 80 mother-adolescent daughter pairs (40 divorced). Mothers were asked to describe their attitudes and behaviors with regard to their daughters' romantic behavior. In addition, mothers were interviewed(More)
We describe the assessment and treatment of a mother who was a victim of domestic violence and of her 10-year-old son, both of whom were living in a domestic violence shelter. The Parent-Child Interaction Assessment-II Modifying Attributions of Parents intervention (PCIA-II/MAP; Bohr, 2005; Bohr et al., 2008; Bohr & Holigrocki, 2005) is a structured brief(More)
This article describes one child and family treatment center's process of creating a long-awaited, new infant/child early intervention program. An experimental service model is discussed in the context of the need for empirically validated assessment and intervention for very young clients in high-risk families. Case examples and illustrations of service(More)
BACKGROUND A negative birth experience has been shown to have a significant impact on the well-being and future choices of mothers. The objective of this study was to assess the prevalence of, and identify the risk factors associated with a negative birth experience for women in Canada. METHODS The study was based on secondary data analysis of the(More)
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