Yvonne Cosgrove-Sweeney

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BACKGROUND RC-101 is a congener of the antiretroviral peptide retrocyclin, which we and others have reported is active against clinical HIV-1 isolates from all major clades, does not hemagglutinate, and is non-toxic and non-inflammatory in cervicovaginal cell culture. Herein, film-formulated RC-101 was assessed for its antiviral activity in vitro, safety in(More)
An urgent need exists for HIV-1 microbicides. Here, we describe the in vivo testing of lactic acid bacteria bioengineered to secrete cyanovirin-N. We fed pigtail macaques a yogurt formulation that used bioengineered strains as a starter culture. Cyanovirin-N expression could be detected in the rectal vault during and immediately after feeding. Ex vivo viral(More)
BACKGROUND A topical microbicide should protect against acquisition of sexually transmitted infection during both vaginal and rectal intercourse. The rectal microflora of the Macaca nemestrina (pig-tailed macaque) and humans were examined, as well as the histopathology of rectal tissues. In a subset of macaques, a human rectal isolate of Chlamydia(More)
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