Yvon Trinquet

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This paper introduces an OSEK/VDX operating system implementation. OSEK/VDX is an industry standard for real-time operating system used in the field of automotive embedded software. This implementation is proposed in the context of the open source software, which interest needs not to be demonstrated any more. The paper explains the main implementation(More)
We present a cooperation technique using an accurate management of nogoods to solve a hard real-time problem which consists in assigning periodic tasks to processors in the context of fixed priorities preemptive scheduling. The problem is to be solved off-line and our solving strategy is related to the logic based Benders decomposition. A master problem is(More)
The increasing complexity of the hardware multiprocessor architectures as well as of the real-time applications they support makes very difficult even impossible to apply the theoretical real-time multiprocessor scheduling results currently available. Thus, so as to be able to evaluate and compare real-time multiprocessor scheduling strategies on their(More)
Practically, some intermediary realizations are used in order to simulate, numerically, dynamic systems. One of the most popular is the state-space realization. It reveals to be very useful to study the impact of Finite Word Length implementation, especially in the case of embedded controller. Numerous works concerned the design of the ”best” realization(More)
AUTOSAR (AUTOmotive Open System ARchitecture) consortium is a development partnership between the main actors of the automotive manufacturing industry. It aims at defining an open standardized software architecture, in order to face the future challenges in automotive development. One of the important challenge concerns the development of time-critical(More)
The problem of Finite Word Length (FWL) implementation of Linear Time Invariant (LTI) filters or controllers is considered in this paper. A specialized implicit state-space representation enabling a macroscopic description of the algorithm to be implemented is exhibited. It constitutes a unifying framework to encompass various implementation form, such as(More)
The paper reports a practical implementation of a strategy to support semi-active replication of real-time software components (i.e. sets of tasks) running on the Chorus/ClassiX distributed operating system. The main property of the replication strategy developed in this paper is to solve the major difficulty of replica determinism. The semi-active(More)
The in-vehicle embedded system market is evolving toward a large improvement of the industrialization of the embedded software. One of the technical consequences of this evolution is the mandatory integration of protection mechanisms in the embedded operating system kernels to support the design of multi-suppliers multi-critical component-based embedded(More)