Yvette van Ierland

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BACKGROUND Due to emergency care overcrowding, right care at the right place and time is necessary. Uniform triage of patients contacting different emergency care settings will improve quality of care and communication between health care providers. OBJECTIVE Validation of the computer-based Netherlands Triage System (NTS) developed for physical triage at(More)
BACKGROUND Although fever in children is often self-limiting, antibiotics are frequently prescribed for febrile illnesses. GPs may consider treating serious infections by prescribing antibiotics. AIM To examine whether alarm signs and/or symptoms for serious infections are related to antibiotic prescription in febrile children in primary care. DESIGN(More)
CONTEXT Febrile children in primary care have a low risk for serious infection. Although several alarming signs and symptoms are proposed to have predictive value for serious infections, most are based on research in secondary care. The frequency of alarming signs/symptoms has not been established in primary care; however, in this setting differences in(More)
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