Yvette S Lubbersen

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Nowadays microfluidic devices are becoming popular for cell/DNA sorting and fractionation. One class of these devices, namely deterministic ratchets, seems most promising for continuous fractionation applications of suspensions (Kulrattanarak et al., 2008 [1]). Next to the two main types of particle behavior, zigzag and displacement motion as noted by the(More)
The molecule 4,5-dianilinophthalimide was recently found to be an efficient compound in disaggregating amyloid fibrils involved in the Alzheimer's disease. In this study we have investigated whether the compound 4,5-dianilinophthalimide was able to disaggregate fibrils derived from beta-lactoglobulin. In addition to a Thioflavin T fluorescence assay,(More)
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