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Protein PERP (p53 apoptosis effector related to PMP-22) is a small (21.4 kDa) transmembrane polypeptide with an amino acid sequence indicative of a tetraspanin character. It is enriched in the plasma(More)
In a series of recent reports, mutations in the gene encoding a protein called LUMA (or TMEM43), widely speculated to be a tetraspan transmembrane protein of the nuclear envelope, have been(More)
In the tissue integration of melanocytes and melanoma cells, an important role is attributed to cell adhesion molecules, notably the cadherins. In cultured melanoma cells, we have previously(More)
Proteins of the striatin family (striatins 1–4; sizes ranging from 90 to 110 kDa on SDS-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis) are highly homologous in their amino acid sequences but can differ in their(More)