Yvetta Mellová

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A large number of renal cancer patients show poor or partial response to chemotherapy and the precise mechanism has not been understood yet. MDR is the principal mechanism by which many cancers develop resistance to chemotherapeutic drugs and is associated with the elevated expression of MDR proteins. These are divided into two groups: ABC transporters and(More)
The present study focuses on the quantitative changes of the capillary bed in aging human skin. Forty-five skin samples were excised from the anterior thoracic region of cadavers of caucasian origin in the age range 33-82 years. The immunohistochemical method with anti-human CD34 was used for the detection of the capillary endothelium. Morphometric analysis(More)
Ionizing radiation commonly used in the radiotherapy of brain tumours can cause adverse side effects to surrounding normal brain tissue. The most significant response of adult brain to radiation damage is induction of apoptosis. The adult mammalian subventricular zone (SVZ) of the brain lateral ventricles (LV) and their subsequent lateral ventricular(More)
The aim of our work was to determine the expression of glycoprotein 96 (gp96; glucose-regulated protein 94 - GRP94) in 69 samples of breast carcinoma. Enzyme immunohistochemical method was chosen for the detection of gp96 protein and its expression was compared in breast cancer cells versus normal breast cells. We found higher expression of gp96 protein in(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to observe the relationship of the sphenoid sinus and posterior ethmoid cells with the optic nerve. MATERIAL AND METHODS 34 CT scans (68 sides) of paranasal sinuses of patients older than 18 years were retrospectively reviewed. Images were assessed in two planes--axial and coronal. We observed the position and(More)
Recent experimental studies revealed that angiogenesis and lymphangiogenesis are closely related to chronic inflammation. The present study aims to evaluate quantitative changes of blood and lymphatic microcirculatory beds in cutaneous lichen planus (CLP) and psoriatic lesions using immunohistochemical analysis with antibodies to CD34, D2-40 and VEGF.(More)
Latest advances have brought to light the hypothesis that angiogenesis and lymphangiogenesis are tightly connected to some chronic inflammatory diseases. The present study focuses on immunohistochemical assessment of the quantitative changes in the blood and lymphatic microcirculatory bed in common chronic dermatosis - cutaneous lichen planus. Double(More)
BACKGROUND Juvenile hyaline fibromatosis is a sporadic hereditary disease with autosomal recessive mode of inheritance, characterized by the presence of nodules and tumours in the skin and soft tissues and gingival hyperplasia. The majority of patients are growth retarded, suffer from joint disorders, contractures, osteolytic lesions and have a positive(More)
Piranhas are feared freshwater fishes commonly found in the waters of southern Venezuela to the north of Argentina. At present this species is a favourite domesticated article of our aquarists. The authors describe the histopathologic picture of a cutaneous lesion of the right hand thumb of a 60-year old piranha keeper who was bitten by this predatory fish.(More)