Yves Vayssier

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The effect of various culture conditions on growth kinetics of an homofermentative strain of the lactic acid bacterium Streptococcus cremoris were investigated in batch cultures, in order to facilitate the production of this organism as a starter culture for the dairy industry. An optimal pH range of 6.3–6.9 was found and a lactose concentration of 37 g·l-1(More)
High-cell concentration cultivation of Lactococcus cremoris, a homofermentative lactic acid producer, in a cell-recycle fermentor is described. Cross-flow filtration allowing continuous removal of the inhibitory metabolite, the influence of dilution rate on growth was investigated in total or partial cell-recycle cultures. The dependence of growth(More)
In batch cultures of Streptococcus cremoris growth parameters, especially the specific growth rate and its alteration during time-courses of fermentation, were found to be dependent on the culture conditions, in particular the inoculum size and medium composition. It was demonstrated that growth was subject to two main factors, inhibition by lactic acid and(More)
The aromatic profiles of four strains of Brevibacterium linens, one strain of Brevibacterium sp. and one strain of Microbacterium sp. were determined with some pure cultures of these microorganisms in standard trypcase soy liquid medium, which enabled four of these six strains to produce flavour compounds of ripened cheese. Thirty-two flavour compounds were(More)
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