Yves Tourigny

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This paper discusses the problem of constructing a locally optimal mesh for the best L2 approximation of a given function by discontinuous piecewise polynomials. In the one-dimensional case, it is shown that, under certain assumptions on the approximated function, Baines’ algorithm [M. J. Baines, Math. Comp., 62 (1994), pp. 645-669] for piecewise linear or(More)
Most comparisons between personality traits of gamblers and non-gamblers have yielded no significant differences (Kusyszyn & Rutter, 1985). But from a behavioral standpoint, gamblers have consistently placed heavier monetary bets than non-gamblers. Furthermore, past researchers have clearly shown that the level of risk-taking behavior increased as a(More)
The paper describes and studies an iterative algorithm for finding small values of a set of linear forms over vectors of integers. The algorithm uses a linear recurrence relation to generate a vector sequence, the basic idea being to choose the integral coefficients in the recurrence relation in such a way that the linear forms take small values, subject to(More)
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