Yves Tison

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This work presents a new framework for three-dimensional reconstruction of dynamic fire fronts found in outdoor unstructured scenes. The proposed approach addresses the problem of segmenting fire front regions using color attributes and clustering techniques in order to extract salient points from stereo images. These points are then used to reconstruct(More)
This paper presents a stereovision system for the measurement of forest fire spread characteristics. Images of the scene are captured by a pre-calibrated stereo camera. A new approach is introduced in order to capture a three dimensional flame structure and to estimate important characteristics of this phenomenon like position and rate of spread of the fire(More)
This paper presents a stereovision framework developed to monitor and to measure laboratory fire spreads. New algorithms were developed for the estimation of fire characteristics like position, rate of spread, height, depth and the distance between the fire front and metrological instruments.
This paper presents a new algorithm for automatically measuring fire spreading characteristics by means of a stereovision system. The proposed framework is based on the use of a pre-calibrated trinocular stereo camera. The first and second steps permit the segmentation and features detection in the images. The third step is a stereo matching approach used(More)
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