Yves Romain

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The phenolsulfotransferase (PST) is the main sulfoconjugating enzyme of catecholamines. We have described a standardized, sensitive, and reproducible method of measurement of PST activity from human blood platelets. The affinity of PST was, in descending order, towards dopamine (DA) greater than norepinephrine (NE) greater than epinephrine (E) (Km (DA)(More)
Catecholamines are predominantly present in the sulfoconjugated forms in human plasma. Phenolsulfotransferase (EC, which catalyses the sulfation of phenolic compounds, is widely distributed in human tissues. In blood, a phenolsulfotransferase, more specific for catecholamine sulfation is found exclusively in platelets. Free and sulfoconjugated(More)
The authors propose a stepwise statistical methodology for the study of operating system reliability and associated tools. An example of the application of this method for the ARGOS data processing center of France's CNES is presented. It is shown that each evaluation of software reliability is considered as a special case. Two major consequences are that(More)
Both arylsulfatases (EC, ARS) A and B purified from human kidney displayed Michaelis-Menten kinetics towards catecholamines sulfates as substrates with Km values in the range of 4-25 mM. ARS A hydrolyzed adrenaline 3-sulfate and noradrenaline 3-sulfate with a maximal rate lower than that observed for cerebroside 3-sulfate. In contrast, ARS B(More)
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