Yves Roggeman

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In this paper we consider the confidentiality aspects of particular Grid’s applications such as, for example, genetic applications. The search of DNA similarities is one of the interesting areas of genetic biology. However, DNA sequences comparisons need greedy and sensitive computations. We propose a model allowing to search DNA similarities in a public(More)
Computing and data Grids are widely distributed computing systems usually used to resolve scientific or technical problems that require a large amount of computing power and/or storage resources. To be really attractive, Grids must provide secured environments (in terms of confidentiality, data integrity, entity identification, etc). In this paper, we(More)
In this paper, we propose a new practical fair exchange protocol allowing the exchange of an electronic item against a signature. The protocol is based on the Guillou-Quisquater scheme and assumes the existence of a trusted third party that is involved in the protocol only in the setup phase and when one of the parties does not follow the protocol or some(More)
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