Yves Raynaud

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Networks and Services management solutions are now moving from centralised platforms to distributed approaches. In order to reach a higher level of scalability and flexibility, an attractive solution can be based on cooperative intelligent agents. This raises new requirements for communication between management entities, as it implies not only exchange of(More)
We introduce the class of doubly atomless bands in Lp(Lq)-Banach lattices and show that this class is axiomatizable by positive bounded sentences in the language of Banach lattices. (Here p 6= q are fixed and in the interval 1 ≤ p, q < ∞ .) The theory of this class is complete (indeed, we show it is separably categorical) and model complete. Further, we(More)
The high complexity of existing networks and services has led to the need to increase the autonomy of management solutions. This article presents a generic agent-based framework as a first step towards the conception of self-managed systems. This conceptual framework consists of groups of management agents coupled with managed resources and endowed with(More)
We show that the range of a contractive projection on a Lebesgue-Bochner space of Hilbert valued functions Lp(H) is isometric to a p-direct sum of Hilbertvalued Lp-spaces. We explicit the structure of contractive projections. As a consequence for every 1 < p < ∞ the class Cp of p-direct sums of Hilbertvalued Lp-spaces is axiomatizable (in the class of all(More)
The self-management vision, which has raised much interest in recent years, is only an operational aim that does not provide any solution in its defi nition on how to attain this management autonomy. The general contribution of this article suggests concepts, methods and mechanisms to conceive a self-adaptative management framework, thus participating in(More)
When dealing with interpolation spaces by real methods one is lead to compute (or at least to estimate) the K-functional associated to the couple of interpolation spaces . This concept was first introduced by J.Peetre (see [8], [9]) and some efforts have been done to find explicit expressions of it for the case of Lebesgue spaces . It is well known that for(More)
Before significant effects may be felt in service utilization by the user, detection of QoS degradation is a desirable requirement of service management. Management approaches define management information for each managed resource in a distributed environment, but a problem occurring on a resource denies access to its management information. A service has(More)