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In this paper, we introduce interlinking multimedia (iM), a pragmatic way to apply the linked data principles to fragments of multimedia items. We report on use cases showing the need for retrieving and describing multimedia fragments. We then introduce the principles for interlinking multime-dia in the Web of Data, discussing potential solutions which(More)
A fundamental prerequisite of the Semantic Web is the existence of large amounts of meaningfully interlinked RDF data on the Web. The W3C SWEO community project Linking Open Data has made various open datasets available on the Web as RDF, and developed automated mechanisms to interlink them with RDF statements. Collectively, the datasets currently consist(More)
Statistical data is present everywhere—from governmental bodies to economics, from life-science to industry. With the rise of the Web of Data, the need for sharing, accessing, and using this data has entered a new stage. In order to enable proprietary, closed-world formats, to enter the Web of Data, we propose a framework for modelling and publishing(More)
In this paper, we describe how the BBC is working to integrate data and linking documents across BBC domains by using Semantic Web technology, in particular Linked Data, MusicBrainz and DBpedia. We cover the work of BBC Programmes and BBC Music building Linked Data sites for all music and programmes related brands, and we describe existing projects, ongoing(More)
In this paper, we describe current efforts towards interlink-ing music-related datasets on the Web. We first explain some initial interlinking experiences, and the poor results obtained by taking a na¨ıve approach. We then detail a particular interlinking algorithm, taking into account both the similarities of web resources and of their neighbours. We(More)
This paper introduces various ways to suggest music-related content on the Web thanks to Semantic Web technologies. Rather than focusing on features of musical signals or running statistical analysis over listening habits, we detail how social networking, user contributions, and other interlinked data published within the scope of the Linking Open Data(More)