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The authors, Basile Audoly (Research Fellow at CNRS, Paris) and Yves Pomeau (Senior Researcher Emeritus at CNRS, Professor Emeritus of Mathematics at the University of Arizona and Corresponding Member of the French Academy of Sciences) are well-known scientists working actively in the field of mechanics of solids and fluids. In the book under review, they(More)
This Note is concerned with the speed of propagation of a chemical reaction in a fast, steady and non uniform flow, which may apply to flame propagation in some instances. The structure of the flow is 1) a parallel shear flow with velocity perpendicular to the average front, where the flame speed is close to the maximum flow speed toward the fresh gases 2)(More)
Using a film thickness evolution equation derived recently combining long-wave approximation and diffuse interface theory [L. M. Pismen and Y. Pomeau, Phys. Rev. E 62, 2480 (2000)] we study one-dimensional surface profiles for a thin film on an inclined plane. We discuss stationary flat film and periodic solutions including their linear stability. Flat(More)
The process of dewetting of a thin liquid film is usually described using a long-wave approximation yielding a single evolution equation for the film thickness. This equation incorporates an additional pressure term-the disjoining pressure-accounting for the molecular forces. Recently a disjoining pressure was derived coupling hydrodynamics to the diffuse(More)
Wave-breaking is studied analytically first and the results are compared with accurate numerical simulations of 3D wave-breaking. We focus on the time dependence of various quantities becoming singular at the onset of breaking. The power laws derived from general arguments and the singular behaviour of solutions of nonlinear hyperbolic differential(More)
We report the observation of a Plateau instability in a thin filament of solid gel with a very small elastic modulus. A longitudinal undulation of the surface of the cylinder reduces its area thereby triggering capillary instability, but is counterbalanced by elastic forces following the deformation. This competition leads to a nontrivial instability(More)
We study the formation of a large-scale coherent structure (a condensate) in classical wave equations by considering the defocusing nonlinear Schrödinger equation as a representative model. We formulate a thermodynamic description of the classical condensation process by using a wave turbulence theory with ultraviolet cutoff. In three dimensions the(More)