Yves Perriard

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We are developing haptic interfaces compatible with functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) for neuroscience studies. The presented prototype with one rotary degree of freedom is actuated by a traveling wave ultrasonic motor operating under admittance control. Torque is sensed from the deflection of an elastic polymer probe via light intensity(More)
This paper presents an analytical model for the force and torque developed by a reaction sphere actuator for satellite attitude control. The reaction sphere is an innovative momentum exchange device consisting of a magnetic bearings spherical rotor that can be electronically accelerated in any direction making all the three axes of stabilized spacecrafts(More)
We present an exact model for determining the cogging torque in a brushless DC (BLDC) motor. It is based on the conformal mapping (CM) method, by which the motor configuration is transformed to a configuration where the magnetic field can be determined. Then, by integrating the field over the stator surface, the cogging torque is determined. By varying some(More)
This paper presents a very-high-speed (VHS) slotless permanent-magnet motor design procedure using an analytical model. The model is used to design the optimal prototype (target: 200 kr/min, 2 kW). The multiphysics analytical model allows a quick optimization process. The presented model includes the magnetic fields, the mechanical stresses in the rotor,(More)
This paper presents a method to detect the position of a linear actuator without any position sensor. The actuator winding has a resonance frequency that is very related to the position of the linear actuator moving part. A sinusoidal scan voltage is superposed to the main voltage. Its frequency is close to the resonance frequency and therefore it is(More)
An ironless position sensor is a novel sensing structure which exhibits intrinsic immunity to external magnetic fields, since it is characterized by air-cored supply and sensing windings. This new solution may be of significant interest for applications where external magnetic fields are present. In this paper, an analytical model of the working principle(More)
We present an analytical solution for the magnetic field, induced eddy currents, and the corresponding losses generated in the rotor of a slotless permanent-magnet (PM) motor. The field excitation is a current sheet placed at the stator interior surface. The solution is based on an analytical solution of the diffusion equation using double Fourier series(More)
The paper presents a simplified determination of the eddy current losses in the permanent magnets (PM) in PM rotating motors, caused by the slotting. The main assumption is that the eddy currents are resistance limited (weak diffusion effect). The procedure is as follows: at first, a rectangular geometry corresponding to the given rotating one is(More)
This paper presents a method to model and optimize brushless dc motor for a solar airplane. In order to obtain the optimal solution for the given specifications, all free parameters are analyzed globally in one go. For this, the commercial optimization software Pro@Design is used. The method is fully analytical and deterministic. The actual multiphysic(More)
In many applications, it can be useful transferring energy from a power supply to the load without any physical link. Such a solution can avoid corrosion, waterproofness problems on the one hand. And can help simplifying mechanical design on the other hand. Furthermore, it increases security level making the plugging of the cable useless, especially for(More)