Yves Mocquard

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INTRODUCTION Marchiafava-Bignami disease is a complication of chronic alcoholism, with acute or subacute demyelination of the corpus callosum. Although subacute and benign forms of the disease have been described since the development of CT scan and MRI, it has usually a poor prognosis. EXEGESIS We report three cases of Marchiafava-Bignami disease with(More)
BACKGROUND Patients with self-induced water intoxication usually tolerate a large, rapid increase in plasma sodium without developing osmotically induced central pontine myelinolysis. However, we have previously reported a case of clinically suspected pontine myelinolysis in a patient with self-induced water intoxication. The purpose of our study was to(More)
INTRODUCTION Adverse neurological and renal effects can occur in patients taking acyclovir. Neurotoxicity of acyclovir results from an accumulation of the antiviral and its metabolites in the bloodstream. This can be observed in the elderly or in patients with chronic renal failure, generally in dialysis patients. Acute renal failure results from(More)
The authors report the clinical and radiological study and the treatment of a fifteen members family (the two parents and their thirteen children) affected with a thoracic outlet syndrome secondary to a cervical rib and or an apophysomegaly of the seventh cervical vertebra. On the fifteen people considered, the father being deceased has not been examined(More)
The population protocol model provides theoretical foundations for analyzing the properties emerging from simple and pair wise interactions among a very large number n of anonymous agents. The problem tackled in this paper is the following one: is there an efficient population protocol that exactly counts the difference k between the number of agents that(More)
Type 1A of Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease (CMT1A) is associated with a microduplication of chromosome 17 (region 17p11.2) which contains PMP22, an important gene for peripheral nerve myelination. Patients carrying two duplications are expected to have a more severe phenotype, close to the Dejerine-Sottas syndrome. In this article, we report a family of 5 CMT1A(More)
We report a familial case of Niemann-Pick disease type C which lasted until adulthood, and which had the characteristic deficiency in cholesterol esterification from exogenous cholesterol. A review of the literature was performed concerning cases which were seen in adults and were characterized biochemically. This study showed the frequency of supranuclear(More)
The computational model of population protocols is a formalism that allows the analysis of properties emerging from simple and pairwise interactions among a very large number of anonymous finite-state agents. Significant work has been done so far to determine which problems are solvable in this model and at which cost in terms of states used by the agents(More)