Yves Métivier

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We present a randomized distributed maximal independent set (MIS) algorithm for arbitrary graphs of size n that halts in time O(log n) with probability 1 − o(n −1), and only needs messages containing 1 bit. Thus, its bit complexity par channel is O(log n). We assume that the graph is anonymous: unique identities are not available to distinguish between the(More)
The mobile agent paradigm has been developed to solve problems in dynamic and heterogeneous environment [8]. The agent model of this paper is quite general. It is based on the concepts of agents, communication links and places. An agent is an entity which executes an algorithm: it can move from place to place (with some data and its algorithm) through(More)
Graph relabelling systems have been introduced as a suitable model for expressing and studying distributed algorithms on a network of communicating processors. We recall the basic ideas underlying that model and we survey the main questions that have been considered and the main results that have been obtained in that framework.
We investigate the computability of distributed tasks in reliable anonymous networks with arbitrary knowledge. More precisely, we consider tasks computable with local termination, i.e., a node knows when to stop to participate in a distributed algorithm, even though the algorithm is not necessarily terminated elsewhere. We also study weak local termination,(More)