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We investigate the computability of distributed tasks in reliable anonymous networks with arbitrary knowledge. More precisely, we consider tasks computable with local termination, i.e., a node knows when to stop to participate in a distributed algorithm, even though the algorithm is not necessarily terminated elsewhere. We also study weak local termination,(More)
The paper presents a complete characterisation of the families of networks in which distributed computations can be performed in a process terminating manner, that is, with explicit termination in the asyn-chronous message passing model. The characterisation encompasses all criteria that have been formulated in the past that were known to influence explicit(More)
This paper investigates the power of local computations on graphs, by considering a classical problem in distributed algorithms, the recognition problem. Formally, we want to compute some topological information on a network of processes , possibly using additional knowledge about the structure of the underlying graph. We propose the notion of recognition(More)