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We present a randomized distributed maximal independent set (MIS) algorithm for arbitrary graphs of size n that halts in time O(log n) with probability 1 − o(n −1), and only needs messages containing 1 bit. Thus, its bit complexity par channel is O(log n). We assume that the graph is anonymous: unique identities are not available to distinguish between the(More)
We investigate the computability of distributed tasks in reliable anonymous networks with arbitrary knowledge. More precisely, we consider tasks computable with local termination, i.e., a node knows when to stop to participate in a distributed algorithm, even though the algorithm is not necessarily terminated elsewhere. We also study weak local termination,(More)
A unified and general scheme for detecting the termination of distributed computations is proposed. This scheme uses the encoding of distributed algorithms in form of graph rewriting systems to transform the problem of adding termination detection to a distributed computation into an operation on graph rewriting systems. Various examples are used to(More)