Yves Krummel

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Peripheral intravenous nutrition with hyperosmolar solutions usually results in a high rate of venous complications. The aim of this multicenter double blind randomised study in 98 patients has been to measure: (a) tolerance by the peripheral veins being perfused with a protein-glucose-lipid nutritive mixture of 960 mOsm/l (group A, n = 33), (b) the(More)
A 72-year-old man consulted in November 2012 for abdominal pain in the right upper quadrant. The patient had a history of suspected hepatic amebiasis treated in Senegal in 1985 and has not traveled to endemic areas since 1990. Abdominal CT scan revealed a liver abscess. At first, no parasitological tests were performed and the patient was treated with(More)
The glucose tolerance has been studied in 140 non diabetic pregnant women by successively oral and intravenous glucose tolerance test, as described respectively by O'Sullivan and Conard. The results of both tests are grossly similiar, and are affected on the same way by the evolution of the pregnancy. The intravenous glucose tolerance test is the easiest(More)
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