Yves Guillot

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On the basis of a case of asthma due to maleic anhydride, a description is given of occupational asthma due to anhydrides, the physiopathology of which is similar to that related to isocyanates. In contrast to the latter, this disorder is not listed amongst occupational diseases, which should not prevent action by the occupational health physician.
Numerical dosimetry is widely used to demonstrate compliancy to regulation. There are several possible approaches but whatever the method is, an appreciation of the numerical imperfections is required. We proposed here a geometrical criterion on the finite element mesh. We applied this method on an academic benchmark to demonstrate the efficiency and the(More)
The diagnostic value of different respiratory function tests in the respiratory distress syndrome was compared in 5 groups of subjects: healthy non-smokers, asymptomatic smokers, patients with bronchitis affecting the large bronchi, asthmatic patients between attacks, and patients with emphysema. Indices measured were the forced expiratory volume per second(More)
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