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The authors report their experience with 21 cases of neurotization via the spinal accessory nerve for multiple nerve root avulsion injuries of the brachial plexus associated with total paralysis of the upper limb. They performed microneuroanastomoses with interposed cable nerve grafts between the spinal accessory nerve taken in the supraclavicular fossa and(More)
The diagnosis of an osteoid osteoma in the proximal phalanx of the right index finger was suggested by the patient's history and the initial radiographs. The diagnosis was histologically confirmed postoperatively. One year later, however, persistent symptoms and typical radiographic findings, again suggested the presence of an osteoid osteoma. Subsequent en(More)
A comparative prospective study of 120 adult diabetics (60 insulin dependent, 60 non-insulin dependent) and 120 non-diabetic adults as controls showed significantly higher incidence of Dupuytren's disease, limited joint motion, carpal tunnel syndrome, and flexor tenosynovitis in the diabetic population. Of the diabetic patients one third had a mild(More)
BACKGROUND The radiographic characteristics and treatment of radiocarpal dislocation are not well defined. There have been only two reported series of more than eight patients. Thus, there are many questions concerning treatment and functional results. METHODS Two groups of patients were defined. Group 1 included all patients with pure radiocarpal(More)
Sixty Type 1 (insulin dependent) and sixty Type 2 (non insulin dependent) diabetic patients attending a diabetology unit were examined in search of limited joint mobility, Dupuytren's disease, flexor tenosynovitis and carpal tunnel syndrome, in comparison with two populations of 60 non diabetic controls matched for sex and age with the Type 1 and the Type 2(More)
The authors report a case of subcutaneous avulsion of flexor profundus and flexor superficialis tendons of the ring and little finger, caused by a blast injury. Treatment consisted of excision of the flexor superficialis tendon with transosseous reinsertion of the flexor profundus tendon. The functional result was good. Subcutaneous traumatic rupture of(More)
The authors present the preliminary results of a multicentric prospective study of 30 cases treated by a new radial head prosthesis (MoPyc). This new modular radial head prosthesis is composed of a cementless titanium stem and a 15° angulated neck. The head is in pyrocarbon and enables an optimal couple of friction between the implant and cartilage. This(More)