Yvan Avenas

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—The paper focuses on a new generation of power modules, trying to optimize the tradeoff between thermal and EMI managements. At the same time, the packaging approach is considered in order to simplify the implementation of the power dies while improving the reliability of the structure. The approach considers the hybrid integration of the power dies, one(More)
This paper presents an efficient DC to DC converter for on chip circuitry which gives high-energy conversion quality using CMOS Driver-Receiver Pair for Low-Swing Signaling. The efficiency has increased due to the use of power FETs, which are able to switch at high frequency more efficiently than power bipolar transistors, which incur more switching losses(More)
—This study deals with the power electronics packaging and the needs for additional knowledge about electrical pressed contact behavior. For this, a measure bench has been realized. It is able to characterize the pressed interface between a metal electrode and a power chip as a function of the clamping force (0-8000N) and the temperature (up to 100°C).(More)
The reported research work presents numerical studies validated by experimental results of a flat micro heat pipe with sintered copper wick structure. The objectives of this research were to produce and demonstrate the efficiency of the passive cooling technology (heat pipe) integrated in a very thin electronic substrate that is a part of a multifunctional(More)
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