Yván J. Túpac Valdivia

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This paper describes the TD-Routing, an adaptive algorithm for packet routing, based on the Temporal Differences TD(λ) method, and compares its performance with other routing strategies: Shortest Path Routing, Bellman-Ford and the Q-Routing. High and low network traffic conditions are considered. In contrast with other algorithms that are also based on(More)
In this paper the Optimized Vector and Marginal Median Self-Organizing Map (OVMMSOM) was proposed as a new method of train Self-Organizing Maps (SOM). This variant is based on order statistics, Marginal Median SOM (MMSOM) and Vector Median SOM (VMSOM). This training model combines MMSOM and VMSOM defining their particular importance through a l(More)
In this paper, a generalization of the original Quantum-Inspired Evolutionary Algorithm (QIEA): the Generalized Quantum-Inspired Evolutionary Algorithm (GQIEA) is proposed. Like QIEA, GQIEA is also based on the quantum computing principle of superposition of states, but extending it not only to be used for binary values {0, 1}, but for any finite set of(More)
This work presents the development and evaluation of an intelligent system to evaluate the performance of evolutionary algorithms under a distributing processing platform and using expert knowledge. The testbed is a decision support system applied to optimize the development alternatives in an heterogeneous oilfield. An alternative involves the number,(More)
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