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Forty-six strains of acetic acid bacteria newly isolated from flowers, fruits, and fermented foods collected in Indonesia were taxonomically studied. They were Gram-negative rods, produced acetic(More)
Thirty-one Acetobacter strains obtained from culture collections and 45 Acetobacter strains isolated from Indonesian sources were investigated for their phenotypic characteristics, ubiquinone(More)
The twenty-seven strains of the hat-shaped ascospore-forming, nitrate-assimilating species, formerly classified in the genus Hansenula, of the genus Pichia were examined for their 18S and 26S rRNA(More)
Thirteen reference strains, including the type strains of the type species of the genus Gluconobacter, Gluconobacter oxydans (NBRC 14819T), Gluconobacter cerinus (NBRC 3267T), and Gluconobacter(More)