Yuzhen Dong

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—An improved genetic algorithm is proposed to solve optimal problems, which is based on fixed point algorithms of continuous self-mapping in Euclidean space. The algorithm operates on a simplicial subdivision of searching space and generates the integer labels at the vertices, then, applied crossover operators and increasing dimension operators according to(More)
Bone marrow mesenchymal stem cell transplantation has been shown to be therapeutic in the repair of spinal cord injury. However, the low survival rate of transplanted bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells in vivo remains a problem. Neurotrophin-3 promotes motor neuron survival and it is hypothesized that its transfection can enhance the therapeutic effect. We(More)
Schwann cells and neurotrophin-3 play an important role in neural regeneration, but the secretion of neurotrophin-3 from Schwann cells is limited, and exogenous neurotrophin-3 is inactived easily in vivo. In this study, we have transfected neurotrophin-3 into Schwann cells cultured in vitro using nanoparticle liposomes. Results showed that neurotrophin-3(More)
OBJECTIVE To investgate the effects of neurotrophic factor 3 (NT-3) genes modified SC on facilitating nerve regeneration and protecting neuronal survival after the sciatic nerve transection in rats. METHODS The double sciatic nerves were harvested from 3-day-old Wistar rats and the SCs were separated, cultured and purified with double enzyme digestion and(More)
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