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Electrospun microfiber membranes embedded with drug-loaded clay nanotubes for sustained antimicrobial protection.
Guided tissue regeneration/guided bone regeneration membranes with sustained drug delivery were developed by electrospinning drug-loaded halloysite clay nanotubes doped intoExpand
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Preparation and in vivo efficient anti-infection property of GTR/GBR implant made by metronidazole loaded electrospun polycaprolactone nanofiber membrane.
Infection is the major reason of GTR/GBR membrane failure in clinical application. In this work, we developed GTR/GBR nanofiber membranes with localized drug delivery function to prevent infection.Expand
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Drug loaded homogeneous electrospun PCL/gelatin hybrid nanofiber structures for anti-infective tissue regeneration membranes.
Infection is the major reason for guided tissue regeneration/guided bone regeneration (GTR/GBR) membrane failure in clinical application. In this work, we developed GTR/GBR membranes with localizedExpand
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Antimicrobial gelatin-based elastomer nanocomposite membrane loaded with ciprofloxacin and polymyxin B sulfate in halloysite nanotubes for wound dressing.
Bacterial infection is a major problem world-wide, especially in wound treatment where it can severely prolong the healing process. In this study, a double drug co-delivery elastic antibacterialExpand
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Fabrication of drug-loaded anti-infective guided tissue regeneration membrane with adjustable biodegradation property.
For guided tissue regeneration (GTR) membrane, synchronization of the membrane biodegradation rate and tissue regeneration rate is important. Besides, the major reason for GTR membrane failure inExpand
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