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The JAVELIN system evaluated at TREC 2003 is an integrated architecture for open-domain question answering. JAVELIN employs a modular approach that addresses individual aspects of the QA task in an abstract manner. The System implements a planner that controls the execution and information flow, as well as a multiple answer seeking strategies used(More)
With the rapid development of the Internet of things (IoT), building IoT systems with high quality of service (QoS) has become an urgent requirement in both academia and industry. During the procedures of building IoT systems, QoS-aware service selection is an important concern, which requires the ranking of a set of functionally similar services according(More)
1. Why Poker? Chess, checkers and Othello have been conquered by machine learning-chess computers are vastly superior to humans and checkers and Othello computers play optimally. Part of what makes these games tractable is that both sides have perfect information. Poker is fundamentally different because the players do not know their opponent's cards and(More)
An industrial remote control network gateway was designed to study and solve the security problems generated by the network communication between SCADA system and industrial computers, and provide security guarantee for making industrial network connect with the Internet under the premise of full efficiency and reliability. It is not dependent on any(More)
With the rapid development of Internet technology, a new architecture named Content-Centric Networking (CCN) has emerged recently. With powerful abilities of data caching and multicast, it has been increasingly popular especially for multimedia applications. However, service markup, in-network caching and routing are not inherently addressed in CCN. In this(More)
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