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Acoustic vibration signal analysis and coal bunker level recognition system in ball mill is used as a tool of acoustic vibration signal analysis system to extract characteristic variable to control the coal bunker level. With this system, the ball mill can operate in a safely condition, and work efficiency can be improved. In this paper, the development of(More)
The EEG is a non-invasive technique to study the brain and very useful in sleep analysis. The classification of the sleep in stages was widely used, but has been limited by its coarse resolution. In this paper the wavelet time-frequency analysis is applied to 16 seconds long epochs of EEG recordings to provide localized time-frequency information. The sleep(More)
The electrical performances of piezoelectric SMART Layer (Stanford Multi-Actuator-Receiver Transduction Layer) were studied by active monitoring technique based on Lamb wave. The signal uniformity and consistency were examined and compared with the performances of piezoelectric wafers. It is pointed that sensor responses overlapped on the same plot in four(More)
Six Chinese vowels /a/, /o/, /e/, /i/, /u/, and /u/ are recognized based on the one-channel detected facial myoelectric signal (MES). Zygomaticus major and anterior belly of the digastric are carefully selected as the electrodes sites of MES detected. Over-sampling technology and four-layer wavelet decomposition are used to reduce noise in MES records.(More)
  • Yuyuan Du
  • Sixth International Conference on Intelligent…
  • 2006
In order to improve the process speed of China Chess game system, it is a feasible scheme to design a special multi-processor system, which can reach the processing ability of the Computer China Chess system. Multi-processor parallel calculator and task scheduling brings forward a difficult problem for the Computer China Chess system. The game hardware(More)
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